Sunday, May 25, 2014

Mañana es el día! (Tomorrow is the day!)

Life is full of so many surprises... journeys that I never would have thought I would get to experience. I never thought I would find a subject I love. After years of public school I finally took Spanish in ninth grade and realized it was my favorite. I also never thought I'd go to Thailand on mission trips or realized how different that my life looks like from high school to college just because I'm barely ever home and don't see my friends or family much.  I loved high school and I love college now but they are so different after living at home for 18 years!
Anyways, tomorrow I start another adventure. Well really it started a while ago (in the fall) when one of my best friends, Katrina, told me how we could go to Spain this summer and earn around 10 credits for our Spanish major. Since then my parents have been helping me get everything prepared for the trip and Katrina and I have filled out papers and papers. I've been looking over Spanish vocab and looking at lots of pictures of the mountains in Granada for months! Every time I lost focus in Government I would write down exciting things I want to see in Granada, Spain :)
      Also, I've always wanted to go to London.. and I can't believe that tomorrow I'll be there! I'm so thankful I have this opportunity. I know I'll enjoy it and learn so much! I hope that I'll learn Spanish really well and continue loving the language. It's bittersweet leaving though.. leaving for weeks just like last summer. But I think it'll be much different this time because I won't be working over 40 hours a week sometimes and will be going to school and exploring. I just have to keep praying and not be afraid of missing family and friends because I'm going here for a reason. I'm gonna trust that God will take care of things back home. Time for bed now... we ride (in the car) at dawn! :)

Hasta mañana! .. hakuna matata... and good night.